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The University Centre and the University Catering Service aim to deliver a more sustainable choice for staff, students, and the public, because sustainability is now a key factor influencing people’s choice of food provider. We are all increasingly caring about the origins of the food we eat. Whether the emphasis is on how it’s grown, where it’s grown, or who grew it, the ethical factors that come into play are becoming ever more important. The University Centre and the University Catering Service are actively promoting the consumption of healthier, ethical, and more sustainable food within the University. This will have a positive impact on the health and well-being of staff and students, as well as on the environment.

In 2016 a sustainable food policy was implemented in collaboration with the Environment and Energy Section of Estate Management. The policy outlines sustainable provision and procurement practices for the cafes and departments of the University that we run. The policy aims ‘to minimise the impact of catering operations on the environment, to promote sustainable practises and consumption’. 

Overall, there have already been many positive results. Since the introduction of Keep Cups there have been 12,643 reusable cups sold and 66,798 hot beverage refill sales. The Keep Cup and Vegware schemes have resulted in the region of 2 million items avoiding landfill.

The University Catering Service’s efforts were recognised by being a finalist in the 2016 THELMA awards for sustainable procurement and the 2016 Green Gowns Awards in the food and drink category.

For more information, please see the Energy and Environment website, and have a closer look at all of our objectives in the...


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To celebrate the launch of this policy, the Environment and Energy department will be collecting recipes over the month of February and a cookbook will be compiled and made available for download through the Environment and Energy section’s Sustainable Food webpages. Successful recipe entries will be awarded a meal for two. For more information, please click here.