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University Catering Services


University Catering Service Allergen Policy Statement 

We are happy to provide comprehensive information regarding allergens. If the information is not on our menus, please ask a member of staff. However, Customers are required to self-manage their allergies.

We fully comply with the Food Information Regulations 2014 and the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation requiring us to provide information on the presence of allergens in the food we serve.

All of our team are trained in the regulations and are fully informed about the allergens in our food to ensure accurate information can be provided to customers. Additionally, Unit Managers and Team Leaders within each site are able to provide all necessary allergen information.

We operate this policy to provide a safe environment in our catering outlets and the hospitality services we provide.

Our Kitchens and Cafes’ working practices are directed at minimising contamination.  However, many foods naturally contain allergens and as a consequence most recognised allergens are handled at our premises.  Therefore, it is not practical to eliminate the risk of unintentional traces within the food we prepare and serve.

This policy is reviewed annually.


Nick White

Head of University Catering  


21 January 2020